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(/sprays with water for reblogging that gif)

Just because you’re a little prude doesn’t mean I have to be. 

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Jul 27th
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Seeing as I have ask limit it looks like I’ll need to publicly hakuna Hyosung’s tatas.

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Called it. Chicken. 

Jul 27th
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Anti-honesty hour. Ask me anything and I will respond with blatant lies.
can i hakuna your tatas?

You’re too chicken to even look at them, but sure. 

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hakuna your tatas


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You are a special boy.

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what kind of bees make milk

……………. Daniel. P-L-S. You’re just looking for an excuse to say boobies, aren’t you?

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bazongas, boob-ays, tatas, boobs.

… /Quietly puts her hands over his ‘boobs’/ Mm-mm. 

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